Printed circuit board manufacturers turn prices

In the supply side of the wave of reform, many industries are faced with "to the production capacity" of the pressure, but can not be generalized. After all, there are still some industries in the market demand boost, in recent years, positive expansion, which is the basis of the electronics industry - the circuit board industry. The leading manufacturers in the field Kingboard plate recently released price announcement, and the entire circuit board industry, in the past three years is difficult to meet market demand, prices, capacity expansion, have shown that the industry boom gradually increased.

Circuit board industry development trend for the better, mainly from the downstream electronics industry, electronic products driven. And now China has entered the era of 5G, consumer electronics is facing a new round of development, is bound to bring greater demand for circuit boards.

Moreover, the circuit board industry and our lives are closely related, home appliances, computers, mobile phones, mobile wear equipment, medical equipment, almost all electronic products, will use the circuit board. Manufacturing of the main base material of the circuit board: copper foil, fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin in recent years is the supply and demand imbalance, but also the second round of the main reason for price increases. Of course, the cost of rising, for the circuit board manufacturers is extremely unfavorable.

However, due to the large-scale investment in the circuit board industry, expansion cycle is longer, equipment purchase, plant construction is not overnight. Therefore, the current circuit board prices will continue to go on the market.

Downstream market demand is now expanding, the rise of automotive electronics, will also increase the shortage of circuit boards. According to the prospective industry research institute "China printed circuit board manufacturing industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" analysis, is expected by 2020 global printed circuit board market demand will reach 9 billion US dollars.

Although the size of the market is extremely large, but for the operators, if not with the upstream raw materials industry together, its development is bound to be limited.

Want to seize this market opportunity, in addition to expanding the scale of production, you can also have another option. After all, the shortage of raw materials is a global problem, a time difficult to change. And manufacturers want to achieve performance improvement, may wish to start from the R & D, layout of high-end production capacity, such as automotive electronics circuit boards, server circuit boards, RF application circuit boards, high-speed transmission circuit board, through these sub-market in-depth development , To improve the technological content of products to meet the needs of downstream electronics manufacturers, it is possible to maximize the value of material resources.

Moreover, from the emerging areas, but also for the circuit board manufacturers to find some new opportunities for development. Such as Apple, Sharp, Hon Hai and other common to promote the Micro LED display technology, the industry is also optimistic. And this technology is bound to spawn new board needs. At present, the transformation and upgrading of the circuit board industry has become an inevitable trend, if not with the downstream applications, consumer electronics iteration consistent, it is bound to be abandoned by the times.

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